We welcome you to a punk rock saturday at ORKZ BAR! Doors: 22:00 Entrance and bar= CASH ONLY Check out the Facebook event**

Butcher Baby: London based hardcore punk band featuring members of the Restarts, the Short Bus Window Lickers, Defcon Zero and the Blue Carpet Band. Good mates havin fun making a racket and shouting about shit that needs to be shouted about whether it´s controversial or not. The day punkrock bows down and caves in to make tunes according to what is sellable is the day punkrock dies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2o_IRFHPKU

Sworn Liars: It seems the world of rock n roll will never be rid of the Moorat Fingers. Right after disbanding many of the members formed the Shakin’ Nasties and then when that was done they moved on to form the ultimate in German punk rock n roll, The Sworn Liars. Back are the gravelly vocals, creepy lyrics, scary guitar licks, and deep thunder of drums. It’s all back mixing several different sounds to recreate themselves as the Sworn Liars they do not hold back, every song is a sonic assault to your senses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H00CtbQL_E8

Ink Bomb: Ink Bomb is a Dutch punk rock band that has made quite a splash since its inception in 2015. After the band released their debut-EP Invincible Summer in 2016, the band found its way to a lot of stages in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United King dom.The band is going to conquer more heart and souls all over the world in 2019. Their songs, reminiscent of Bad Religion and No Fun At All, reflect the journey each bandmember made in their life, and the journey the band made as a whole. Even in the most upbeat happy poppunk song there's room for melancholy and dark lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2JqFfewJCU